Pyrography is a form of art or hobby wherein you decorate wood or other materials with burn marks using a heated object like a poker. This craft is also called hot pokerwork or wood burning. The origins of Pyrography are from the Greek words pur (fire) and graphos (writing). Using specialty modern tools for pyrography, or by the use of a metal implement that is heated using fire, or even a magnifying glass heated with sunlight, you can create various works of art that are truly remarkable just by wood burning. Below is a list of the best tools you can use when you are just a beginner learning this art.

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner

This durable, easy to use a wood burning pen is best for beginners, advanced and intermediate users. It is handy to use as your first tool or as your backup pen. It comes with the tool stand and 4 different tips or points for Cone, Universal, Shading, and Flow. The pen uses up to 950 degrees F of heat in marking and trimming almost any kind of wood and maintains its temperature at a constant level. It heats up right away so you have minimum downtime. The tool can also be used to treat loose threads on nylon rope or acrylic on nylon making it efficient for quick repairs.



Walnut Hollow Deluxe Woodburning Kit

The Walnut Hollow Deluxe Woodburning Kit is ideal for use by Pyrography beginners because it includes the reusable pen, 4 points, 2 wood plaques, 8 patterns and 2 alphabets, 6 pencils, and the stand and transfer paper. It includes an instruction book that teaches you how to use Points in making subtle shading and bold outlines. You can use this to decorate wood furniture to create a customized look and that includes chairs, trunks, bed frames, boxes, and benches. It is the perfect tool to design for up-starting artists from all ages who want to learn and enjoy this interesting new hobby called wood burning or Pyrography.


WellieSTR Deluxe Wood Burning Kit

WellieSTR Deluxe Wood Burning tool kit is perfect not just for beginners but for advanced and expert levels as well. The wood burning kit contains the wood burning iron, a case and set of color ink and 19 wood burning tips. The product is pretty much new being sold on Amazon for a very affordable price. It’s not a good deal because you have several tips to choose from in practicing the most basic lines to the more complicated etchings like curls and swirls in calligraphy. You can use these tips to carve and etch wood so your design options are versatile and unlimited.


HTS 100N3 Wood Burning Kit with Stencils

HTS Quality Wood Burning kit is perfect for beginners because it comes with 2 stencils that have numbers, basic symbols, and letters. It also contains a full set of 15 assorted wood burning tips, a piece of hot plastic & foam cutting knife with a metal collet, and 10 pieces of assorted soldering tips. The tips will work on any kind of wood burning pen or soldering iron with the M4X.7/8 – 32 threads. It comes with an instruction book on how to use all these accessories in creating your amazing wood work art. It’s a great way to learn when you have all these tools handy.


GOCHANGE Wood Burning Kit

The GOCHANGE Wood Burning kit is everything you will need whether you are a beginner, in advanced stages or an expert in making wood burning projects. The kit contains premium tools like 22 pieces of assorted wood burning, carving, soldering and embossing tips, a pen holder and 1 wood burning pen that is suitable for 30 watts external heating type electric iron. It is affordable and one of the most purchased on Amazon for the product’s versatility in creating numerous wood work projects. The heat the pen produces reaches up to almost 300 degrees Celsius. This wood burning pen is not applicable for soldering tasks though.




These tools for Pyrography can be truly amazing because they can create a lot of beautiful works of art by the skillful use of these implements. They are safe to use as long as you protect your hands with gloves and master the right way to handle the pen and the heat. The versatility of using this tool extends beyond working on wood. You can also use these to design, do lettering and in decorating leather and cork. If you are a beginner, having a complete set of tools is very useful in learning and practicing the skills needed to create these amazing works of art.