As they say, the artist is just as good as the brush they use; when it comes to pyrography, you have to do your research to ensure that you get the best tool according to your craft.

Do not settle and make a purchase on the first one you see, for makers will always say their brand is the best in the market. The good thing about it, manufacturers have become competitive and they will get almost all that you are looking for in a burner.

When researching, you need to get more information on the manufacturer and other details. Here are some of the manufacturers that other wood burning amateurs have looked into and see what they have discovered:


When it comes to wood burning, this manufacturer has been one of the most recognized names, and their more than 14 years of experience have ensured that they get wood burners the tools they need.

With some research, Razertip has proven their consistency when it comes to performance, quality control, customer service, speedy service, which in turn bring high customer satisfaction.

The company creates variable temperature burners that react almost instantly to changes which give you a little waiting time.

They do not only have a single burner option, but they also have a dual burner which gives you more flexibility which comes with getting two pen tips ready for burning.

The manufacturer also offers warranty; three years for the power supply, one year for the pens and other accessories, while 90 days for the pen tips.



This is another manufacturer that produces the affordable options for wood burning artists. They also have been around for quite some time but they have started with making soldering irons.

Their tools are very versatile; they can cut, solder, and burn. Your purchase will also include a storage case, a tool stand, and a user guide which will be very helpful when you’re starting up.

The machines are not variable, but there is an option to purchase a temperature regulator because, as they have advertised, the machines may reach up to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which could pose a problem with prolonged use.

Their product also comes with warranty and they ensure that their products have been made with great workmanship and is free of defective materials.



Yes, this is the company of the inventor of the gas-powered lawnmower—Albert J. Dremel.

This master engineer has patented more than 50 machines and his company has also created one of the most versatile and easy to use wood burning tools available.

Their machines are equipped with a plethora of wonderful features which makes it an all-encompassing tool with multitudes of accessories and options.

Their products are very well made and the practicality of the features show that the company had successfully planned and predicted the future accessories their machines will have.

This obviously not only brings their versatility at a whole new level, but it also does show how much time is spent on designing them.



This once small family owned business from Wisconsin grew to international proportions as a renowned wood manufacturer by creating and selling some of the best products for crafts and hobby.

WALNUT HOLLOW have been made some of the top favorites of the wood burning craftsman; their machines are straightforward and come in very affordable packages.

They also make machines that have variable temperature, pens with a comfortable and sturdy grip that is ideal for long hours of working, and they also have shields that keep the heat from slowly cooking your fingers.

With every purchase, you get a 30-day warranty that will provide a full refund for those proven defective.



Weller is another wood burning machine that is created with the wood burning novice in mind.

It is very affordable which makes it an ideal option when it comes to choosing your first wood burning machine.

Its short barrel option is very useful and can even be used at a variety of hobbies and craft projects.

Like some of those expertly made burners, the Weller machines reaches ideal temperature, and it has attachments that are expertly planned.

The versatility will get you working for hours without getting tired muscles from the weight of the machine, and no excess heat to burn you to worry about.

Weller also made sure that care storage is a breeze; all you need is a little brush to sweep away stuck debris.



This company (LOVSHARE) creates multi-functional tools that are variable and portable.

They also have a dual burner that will allow users to plug in two pens and switch according to the pen tips needed in the design.

The case is made of plastic to make it more lightweight and easy to maintain to prolong its lifespan.

It also has that variable temperature to give the users to bring it down a notch when the pens get a little hot.

It is meant to be a full feature tool to get your design off the paper and onto your wood the way you have envisioned it in your mind.

There might be a few downsideS like how the manual was written and the markings on the gauge, all-in-all, it is still a wonderful tool to have.



In summary, there are companies that manufacture affordable machines that are good enough for your hobbies and crafts, but if you are looking to make a living out of woodburning, you really have to invest in a tool that can withstand the long hours you’re going to put it through.

Do not just look at the features that the manufacturer promises; make sure to look into what else comes along with your purchase.

Remember, once that you have invested in a machine, you also have signed an agreement with the manufacturer.

If you have a machine you are eyeing, try to get some more information about how other customers have reacted to it, and how the company handled their customer; this should give you a good idea of what you may also experience.