You’ve heard the term Pyrography, right? If you are new to the whole thing of Pyrography design as well as wood burning brands, this whole art can be intimidating. But, you got into it because you need to learn, in the first place. So, here is how you can improve your skills, in just three ways.

The first way to improve your Pyrography skills is to have a positive mindset. A post on Quora shows that Pyrography is an art, something you need to learn over time.

It Starts with Mindset

If you already have artistic skills, particularly in pen and ink, or other drawing skills, Pyrography won’t be difficult at all. I started doing pyrography just this year and I find it very easy… here is my first pyrography project. You can even buy coloring books and use the images to trace onto wood with carbon paper. Just takes time and patience. Get a good kit, makes all the difference:

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In other words, being better starts by having a positive mindset. It starts with the belief that you can be a better artist in the first place.

According to Instructable, you need to pick the right wood for the project. So the next thing you need to do to improve your Pyrography skills is actually to read on and choose the best woods for the art.

Learn to Choose the Right Wood

I am not an expert on wood types, so I will limit this step to a review to the ones I had the pleasure (or displeasure) of burning. Edit: Regardless of the wood, Always use a fan close to the piece, drawing air out of your work (don’t throw air on it, as it will cause your woodburner to loose too much heat)

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When you choose the right wood, the quality of your work will speak for itself. As such, choosing wood for the project is a critical skill that you need to master.

Lastly, start small – and start slow. Most Craft suggests starting with a sample. That means thinking of random drawings that you can start with as you sharpen your skills.

Starting with Samples

I know you’re excited and anxious to get started with woodburning and create a masterpiece, but before you do, start out with a sample of the wood you’ll be using. This will let you gauge the way the wood reacts to heat and also gives you a chance to test out new ideas or techniques before committing to them. Setting aside time to practice like this will get you acquainted with the wood and prevent future mistakes on your final piece.

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Once you feel like you have had enough practice with the samples, feel free to start burning the real thing with your favorite Pyrography Pen.


Remember, Pyrography is an art. As long as you put your mind, your heart, and your time to it, there is no real reason why you shouldn’t get better at it.