Whether you are new to Pyrography or you have been creating unique patterns for a while now, there comes a time when you need an inspiration to keep going. Besides, pyrography is an art, which means inspiring stories are necessary to say the least. Here are the only 3 inspiring pyrography stories on the web.

If you think pyrography is hard, then you need to read Zhang Ge’s story on ECNS. As a person who started simple and small, Zhang is now an experienced wood burner who knows how to use his tools.

Shanxi artist expresses love for hometown in pyrographic art

Zhang Ge guides a woodburning pen to create a pyrography artwork. (Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn). Zhang Ge, an artist in Datong, North China’s Shanxi Province, has created a series of pyrography, artworks themed on famous landscapes, historical figures and stories about the city, such as the Yungang Grottoes and Xuankong Temple.

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The take away from this story is you can create amazing art of your community, too, as you continue to sharpen your skills.

You can also read the story of Sandra Chambers published by LORI AMOS on the Roll a Daily News. According to her, pyrography is an oldest form of art in which she pours her full self.

Letting her inner voice speak through woodworking

Chambers cherishes the medium, solely using it for her art. She describes her method as “old-school” where she has an approach that is reminiscent of the Romanesque woodwork that stylistically represented animals in furniture, just as Chambers has done with her handmade fixtures that incorporate animals and natural landscapes that she eloquently designs with wood.

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From this story, we learn how important it is to immerse yourself in the art, until you bring out the best in you.

Goodyear Arts, at Camp North End, plans to take woodburning to the next level by opening an arts workshop, as reported on Charlotte Observers.

What do neighbors want? Ask them. Artist helps, as Goodyear plans arts workshops

Goodyear Arts, at Camp North End, plans to offer 10 free arts workshops – taught by former artists-in-residence at GYA – with support from an Arts & Science Council Cultural Vision grant. Rather than drawing up a list on their own (which “would be at best presumptuous and prescriptive and at worst of no interest,” according to GYA’s Amy Bagwell), artist de’Angelo Dia and Ash Williams began reaching out to neighbors of Camp North End, and the place held an open house in early August.

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The primary goal of the project will be to nurture the community in Charlotte. This will help those talented in art to benefit from their work.


The goal of these stories is to motivate you to keep working on your project. They are also good for helping you think big so you can create even better projects as you continue to sharpen your woodburning skills.