Pyrography beginners often find the art so interesting. And the best part is that what one can create is limited only to their imagination and creativity. But, if you do not have an idea to get you started, the whole thing might seem and sound irrelevant. With that said, here are three videos to give you some cool ideas.

Dylan’s DIY Workshop is one of my favorite YouTube channels that teach purely on wood burning. And they have a wonderful video that you can borrow ideas from at any moment in time.

40 + Ideas For Wood Burning (Project Ideas)

Today I have put together a video that gives ideas for wood burning. It was inspired by a comment which I received on another wood burning video.The comment was asking for some ideas of what to wood burn with a younger family member who was just getting into wood burning. So I compiled a list of a combination of burnings that I have done and burnings that I would like to do as well as wood burnings that I think would look cool. Either way, there is a mix of project ideas that will help you whether you’re an absolute beginner or a an expert pyrographer.

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What I love about this video is that it gives you so many ideas. So much, in fact, you won’t have to struggle finding what to burn.

If you are looking for idea on woodburning finish, you will find the work by Classic Work quite helpful. The good thing is that the video is easy to follow.

Tips on wood burning finishs

Tips on picking out the right wood and finish to use on a wood burning project. Aye be careful what you put on it, and choose wisely what type of finish you’ll use. Oil base is very durable, but it will yellow the tint of your piece. Water base is not a durable, but it will go on much clearer. Hope that helps

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This guide is very short. Even then, it is quite practical and packed with useful information you wouldn’t want to miss this for the world.

If you really feel so dumb because you are a beginner and have no idea where to start, you can always refer to a guide by Paul Cantu. 

Woodburning for Beginners! How to, Tutorial, and DIY! Step by Step Guide

If you’re like me, you probably never have learned something from a vidja. Well my curious young squabblers, what I have in presentation thanks to my nephew Mordecai is a tutorial vidja on how to burn wood to create nice designs to gift to your deceased wife. Special thanks to Woody, the greatest of all time.

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In the video, Paul gives you some of the best ideas you have never seen or tried before. So you can add them to your knowledge base and try them thereafter.


If you have gone through these three videos carefully, you should have some wonderful ideas to get you started. And, if you need more information on woodburning, especially on how you can become a great artist, be sure to check out our homepage.