Pyrography is an art with endless possibilities. You can burn any pattern, letter, number, or a combination of all. You can even use your tools to draw your favorite animal, a flower, or a bird. However, there are times when you completely run out of ideas. If this feels like a situation that you’ve found yourself in, this post has two Pyrography ideas that you can try this month.

According to Fox Channel Publishing, every woodburning project should start by prepping.


We know you’re excited to get started, but a bit of prep work before you fire up the burner will go a long way. Sand the wood with progressively finer grits of sandpaper up to 400-grit. Tape the top of the pattern securely to the blank, slip graphite paper under the pattern, and use a colored pen to trace the pattern onto the blank.

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Prepping enables you to get a clear picture of what you will be creating before you start the actual project.

The first project that you might be interested in is published on Burning with Sharon, a woodburning website founded by Sharon Bechtold.

How to Burn Realistic Eyebrows

In this video I will share with you how to burn realistic eyebrows. I will be using a Colwood SRS shader and a Colwood J skew.

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The project is in the form of a video tutorial. So, it should be easy to follow along and do exactly as the instructor says.

The second project that you should try this month is the snail pyrography artwork by Brenda Walkie from Pyrography Made Easy.


In this blog I will discuss the Snail pyrography artwork I created.  The Snail is based on a photo my husband, Todd, took.  He had the day off and went to the beach on a little photo shoot.  He came back with some great photos including numerous shots of this snail sliming along a concrete bunker wall.   I was fascinated with all of the snail photos because of the textures and contrast in the photos.  After debating for several days, I finally decided which photo to use.  This article will talk about the creation of the artwork and the techniques I used to create some of the textures.

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In this guide, Brenda teaches you how to burn a snail from scratch. The guide has also include reference images to make the project easy to complete.


These projects are easy to complete because they all have a step-by-step guide. Just follow along systematically. And when writing these projects, observe the safety measures that you’ve already learned.