Pyrography is a term that comes from pur which means fire and graphos which means writing. When then two words are merged together they give another different meaning, that is using Pyrography tools to burn with fire. The amusing fact is that, the origin of pyrography is still unknown; it can only be traced back as far as the Han Dynasty, when it was called Fire Needle Embroidery.

According to Wood Finishes Direct, pyrography should inspire you to be creative. And if it has, please go through this two useful pyrography tips and tricks.

Pyrography Tips & Tricks

Getting the right kit (as a beginner) – even before you think of anything else to do, you will need to buy yourself a pyrography kit there are a lot of them available at different prices (10USD to over 100USD). For starters we recommend a mid- range pyrography kit (20USD to 40USD). With this you will have a feel of pyrography without spending much.

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There is still more to the best Woodburning techniques. So we encourage you to learn more by clicking the read full story link above.

As seen on Arts of Manliness, the simplest tool used in Pyrography is the woodburning pen. The pen has a metal end where all the heat needed is transferred all the way to the removal tip.

Get Familiar with the Tool (Pen)

I like to keep a wet paper towel on hand to wipe off the end of the tip every once in a while as residue from the wood builds up. If you’re getting a lot of smoke, the pen is too hot. Try turning down the heat for a smoother, smokeless burn. Be mindful of safety. The tip gets extremely hot — several hundred degrees F, at minimum, in fact. So when the tool is plugged in, always be mindful of where the hot metal end is.

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Once you get yourself a pyrography pen, you will also get 4 to 7 different tips for the various woodburning methods.

The last thing you need to know about Pyrography, as recommended by Joy in the Home, concerns your safety as a wood burner.

Safety Measure

Of course, keeping it away from younger children or children who do not follow instructions well, as there could be the chance of getting burned with this activity. Until a child knows how to use this responsibility, I would highly recommend you supervise to ensure proper use and guidelines. Many people who enjoy pyrography would also enjoy whittling and carving or even wood working crafts.

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Accidents occur and if you are doing this art from home it would be worse. Therefore, it is very important to find a place put the hot pen whenever you are not using it. By doing so you will be protecting yourself from getting burns (and you child if you are working at home).


It is definitely true to say that pyrography has been around for centuries. Note that pyrography and woodburning is the same thing. Woodburning is also one of the ways most artists use to express themselves.