Pyrography, aka burning with fire, is a great art. Anyone who has engaged in this art before knows that what they can create is limited to their imagination and creativity. But even before you start exploring different wood burning ideas and tools, you need to choose the best woods for the project.

Basswood is praised as one of the top Pyrography woods in the world. In fact, Pyrocrafters recommends this wood because it is soft, clean, and light.

Use Basswood for Pyrography

Basswood is a great wood burning wood. It’s very soft and easy to burn, there are practically no grains. It’s a solid surface of soft burning wood and it’s beautiful. It’s so clean and light, so you can burn in wonderfully light or dark details making it one of the best woods to burn. My only gripe with basswood are the size options. I’ve only been able to find basswood in precut plaque sizes or circular sizes with the live edge in hobby stores or online.

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Basswood is also known for its beauty. So, you can be sure that the final product will be a high quality piece of art because it is designed with a wood type regarded as the best option.

Balsa wood isn’t quite common among Pyrographers. But according to Pyrography Made Easy, balsa wood is one of the top woods that you could use to burn easily with fire. That’s because it is extremely soft.

Use Balsa Wood for Pyrography

Very light in color. Minimal grain. No resin/sap (that I’ve encountered). Extremely soft wood, so very easy to create divots, embossed lines, grooves. Very Inexpensive. Can be found in stored that have supplies for creating models (planes, buildings, etc) and some wood stores. Exotic Wood store and wood carving supply store will carry blocks of balsa wood for carvers (would need to saw it into planks)

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The problem with this wood is that it is quite hard to find. Unlike Basswood, it is so rare. And, that is why many Pyrographers might never get a chance to lay their hands on this wood.

In a discussion on Quora, pinewood was recommended as one of the best woods that people can use for wood burning.

Pinewood for Pyrographers

I like light soft woods such as pine and bass. It takes very little pressure to burn the wood and the light color gives the piece a good contrast. It is the closest to drawing with pencil on paper. 

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If you have never used this type of wood before, this would be the best time to try it out, and then judge the quality of the wood depending on the results of your creation.


Most people argue that you can use any type of wood for Pyrography. But that’s not always the case. We recommend that you stick to the wood types that we have provided you on this list for the best wood burning experience.