I always say that pyrography is a unique art that’s only limited to your imagination and creativity. In fact, you can create just about any pattern you love as long as you have mastered the basics of the art. But before you get started with burning with fire, here’s what you need to know about Pyrography tools.

According to Most Craft, the first – and most important – tool you need to know about is the Pyrography pen and the hitting tip. You need to know how these pens warm up in readiness for woodburning.

Pyrography Pens and Heating Tip

Quick Heating: You don’t want to be sitting around waiting forever for your tool to heat up, especially if you invited some friends over to partake in the activity with you. Get a tool that warms up fast Adjustable Tips: Ideally you will have a wood burner that has tips you can change to keep your pursuits interesting. You’ll want something that offers both thicker lines as well as fine ones.

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The take away here is that each pen has a different heating period. And it doesn’t make sense to buy a pen whose tip won’t heat up fast.

According to Saw Dust Connection, you need to choose the best wood for writing with fire. Most people don’t think woods are tools, but they are part of the collection nonetheless.

Get the Concept of Woods Right

Even though these woods are listed as safe to burn on you may still have a sensitivity so always err on the side of caution. When burning on plywood DO NOT burn deep so that you burn into the glue.

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When it comes to wood burning, try the best you can to stick to only the safest and the most recommended wood for writing with fire.

Safety is one thing you need to take seriously when dealing with the likes of Pyrography Pens. And that’s what Pyrography World stresses on, a lot.

Safety is Key

We are not experts on the topic of safety nor do we claim to be. We hope to educate you on some of the risks involved but at the end of the day each individual is responsible for their own safety. We hope that you do your research on wood that you work with and that may involve speaking with an expert. It is a good idea to ask them about harmful effects that may be the result of burning, handling, cutting, or sanding the particular species of wood.

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You do not want to hurt yourself at the end of the day. And the best way not to do so is to make sure you follow the safety standards.


There are many pyrography tools out there, so it is important to learn about them also. Click here if you would like to have a look at some of the best tools used by professional and beginners to pyrography alike.